Student performs in Macy’s Day Parade


Ashley Brehm and Sydney Hutchinson

Skylar Diehl, Big Spring sophomore, began playing the flute in fourth grade and piano in third, and after contemplating between the two instruments, she decided the flute was the favorable choice, and years later is accomplishing bigger things with her talents. Diehl also grew up watching the Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade and last year’s band performances inspired her to want to be a part of that tradition.  

Diehl took it upon herself to look up the application details online, and she had to send in a 5-7 minute audition with the help of Adam Nobile, Big Spring’s band director.

“The only thing I really helped her with was encouragement, but also recording her playing because she had to submit a Youtube video.” Nobile said.  “But it took us almost a hour until we got one she liked.”  said Nobile.

After recording her district solo, 2 weeks later she received her acceptance letter in April to perform in the Macy’s Great American Marching Band. She and her family were excited and surprised. Her family and friends were extremely supportive of her, even taking the time to get together and write letters and send goodies along with her to New York.

“It didn’t really sink in until a week before the actual parade.” Diehl said.

Once Diehl arrived at the parade, she watched many balloons and floats, including Santa’s Sleigh and Charlie Brown. She described the scene as having lots of security everywhere. 

Diehl said, “The band was about 4 or 5 times the size of Big Spring’s band.”

Diehl wanted to take it all in and didn’t want to ruin the experience; she felt like she was overwhelmed, but in a good way.

“Usually I get really nervous, but it was more like I’m really here!” Diehl said.

After making Districts the past three years, she plans on auditioning for the Rose Bowl Parade and hopefully revisiting the Macy’s Day Parade in her senior year.