Sophomore is Broadway bound

Recently, sophomore Kaylee Enck, had an opportunity to take a Broadway Master Class at the Hershey Theatre to improve on her vocals. While Enck was there, she participated in a wide variety of activities such as singing in front of hundreds of people. “There were also colleges there that had a master’s program, and the participants in the class who wanted to sing in front of them could, but didn’t have to. The colleges would give them feedback on how to improve their singing and something that they feel they should work on, also how to perform in front on an audience.” She believes that in the long run this will improve her skills more than not ever going to one of these and just believing that her voice was perfect the way it is.  She said, “There is always room for improvement.”  

“I have a very deep interest in  musical theater.  I wanted to improve any skills I could get and wanted to improve.” Since Enck is only a sophomore, she still knows that she has plenty of time to work on her voice before she takes a deeper look into colleges.

For college, Enck is looking at the school Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, but is concerned that they only accept 25% of their applications into the school. She is willing to take a chance anyway.

This year Enck was so close to making it to District Choir.  To prepare for her audition she had to learn a Latin piece and a German piece. “To learn those pieces it took a lot of time listening to the practice tracks of those songs, and working with Mr. Wilson.”

In choir Enck is a soprano one, “which means my voice can do all different ranges of levels. It can go from a very high peak to a  low perspectives depending on the tone of the song.”

Because of Enck’s desire to sing, this decision of going to the Broadway Master Class made her think a little about what she wants to see her improvement as she moves on into becoming a singer. In the long run since colleges already know her and can see she is growing, they will continue to look at her progress and how she is taking their feedback on how she should improve her voice and or performance.

She had to admit, “In the beginning my nerves got to me a little bit. Performing in front of colleges made me very apprehensive until I kept reminding myself about the outlook on how they will be impressed if I can step up in front of these people and just sing my heart out just to get feedback from a higher up look.”  

If someone else is looking into continuing his/her musical theater or musical talents, Enck suggests that he/she look on attending a master class that will boost talent.