Fritz says farewell


Stephen Kleckner, reporter

With the countdown to the end of the year, senioritis is kicking in for many upcoming graduates at Big Spring High School School, but, they’re not the only ones. Karen Fritz, office secretary is counting down her final days as well. With nineteen years under her belt, she is ready to move on the next stage of her life. Fritz has had a long fulfilling career as a bulldog and said, “I started out at Carlisle High school, but then I saw a vacancy open at Big Spring and I applied. I have had no regret on my  decision ever since.” With many years, many memories were made. “There are so many wonderful memories, and seeing the second generation of students coming through gives me a very special feeling.” Fritz’s last day is less than a month away. “I am looking forward to spending time with my family and going to the beach. I am also going to learn how to surf fish while I’m down there.”

Fritz has also affected many of her fellow bulldogs in many positive ways throughout the years. Carissa Roberts, counseling secretary here at Big Spring said ”One thing that I will miss about Mrs. Fritz is that she is always thinking ahead and thinks of things others don’t always think about.  Something you may not know about Mrs. Fritz is that she can cry at the drop of a hat, but this only goes to show her kind, warm heart and the compassion she has about the well-being of our students here at Big Spring.”

Co-worker and friend for sixteen years, Wendy Lehman,was a school secretary with Fritz most of her career as a bulldog. Lehman now works at Mt. Rock Elementary, but, alongside her fellow colleague, she is also retiring after this year. “I have so many fond memories with Mrs. Fritz at the high school office; we both share the love to helping our students. Mrs. Fritz and I socialize outside of school as well. I think our fondest memory outside of class has to be when we traveled to Philadelphia to go see Dancing with the Stars. We still get together from time to time to  reminisce about our years of working side by side in the office, but hopefully next time will be in Delaware where her and her husband  will be full time”

Fritz gave a word of advice to her fellow bulldogs. “Don’t burn bridges, because you never know when you’ll have to cross them again. But most importantly, treat others the way you want to be treated.”