Senior “aces” barber license


Ishmael Kirkwood, Reporter

After 1,250 hours, 14 months and 426 days of work, Big Spring High School senior Adam Eshenour has earned his barber license. “If you would’ve told me 2 years ago that I was going to become a barber, I would say that you are crazy,” stated Eshenour.

In his early childhood, Eshenour wanted to become a game warden because he has always had a strong interest in hunting and fishing. He still does, but because of his mother’s passion for hairstyling, Adam has grown an interest in barbering over the last year.

A barber license is essentially the ability to work in a barber shop to do all style cuts, including men and women. Eshenour trained at the Barber Styling Institute in Camp Hill, PA and completed all of his hours there. He was trained to use straight razors, clippers, and shears to do any style cut. After more than a year of training, he received his license from Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs State Board of Barber Examiners.

Last month, Eshenour turned 18 years old, and that privileged him to become an owner of his own barber shop that he named A.C.E’s Barber Shop. “I named it that because A.C.E are my initials,” Eshenour said. A.C.E’s Barber Shop is located right in the middle of Newville, sharing a storefront with Eshenour’s mother’s shop, De’Ja’Do.

Eshenour is now successfully running his own business, and as he puts it, “making bank.” He is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3-7. You can catch him at A.C.E’s Barber Shop to“Get Your Hair Done in an Ace.”