Senior seeks success in salon


Morgan Barr, Reporter

Senior Katelyn Hamilton has gone to Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School for three years, studied Cosmetology since her sophomore year, and has fallen in love with the trade. At CPAVTS (Cumberland-Perry Area Vocational Technical School), students are not separated by grades, but by levels of training. For example, in level 1 for cosmetology, students study things such as salon ecology, anatomy and physiology, hair services, nail and makeup application procedures. If a student fails to complete a level, they are held back, or asked to leave the program.

Hamilton has not only completed her training, but has already obtained a professional salon job through connections at CPAVTS. “I actually got my salon job through a mock interview at votech. It was supposed to be a “fake” interview but my teacher contacted the Regis Corporation Supervisor for our area and she used it to hire me. I was 1 of 3 people to get a salon job. I work at SmartStyle salon in Carlisle.” said Hamilton.

Following the completion of her schooling at Big Spring, Hamilton has big plans. “[I plan] to continue working at my salon job, SmartStyle and to possibly attend to skin care classes to become an Esthetician in a doctor’s office.” The practice of esthetics includes skin care, and laser therapy, as well as makeup and facials.

Cosmetology has opened up many doors for Hamilton, and she does not plan on leaving the field anytime soon. “I plan to continue in the field of Cosmetology for the rest of my life, maybe not specifically hair styling because I have taken an interest in the esthetics part mostly. I’m going to work in a salon until I perfect my skill and gain the confidence to move onto harder things.”

Aside from the technical aspect of cosmetology, there are many personal aspects as well. “I have always taken interest in beauty. I like making people feel confident and beautiful because everybody deserves that feeling.” Hamilton said.