March Madness sweeps Big Spring


As each of the March Madness games roll by, more and more brackets get thrown into the trash. Every year, thousands of people around the country fill out March Madness brackets to predict who they feel will win. March Madness, an NCAA basketball tournament picks the best 68 teams against each other to win the National Title.

Here at Big Spring, students and teachers also participated in the competition by filling out their own brackets. In Michael Berry’s Fantasy Sports Club, each of the club members filled out their own. “Fantasy Sports Club participates in March Madness by individuals filling out brackets. There is no reward for being the best, just bragging rights.” said Berry.  According to Berry there were also three or four teachers who participated in this year’s competition. The odds of completing a perfect bracket is nearly impossible. In the 75 years of March Madness there has never been a perfect bracket. That doesn’t stop teachers and students like Joseph Yaukey and Nicholas Black. Black said that his bracket was “Not successful at all. My bracket was busted in the first round.”  Black picked Kansas University to win and Yaukey picked the University of North Carolina to win it all.

Currently in the tournament there are only four teams left. After an upset win over number 1 seed Virginia, Syracuse is one of the four teams. The other teams are UNC after beating Notre Dame, the University of Oklahoma after beating the University of Oregon, and Villanova University after beating Kansas University. Matthew Hickman, a Big Spring Alumnus, and a student at Kansas University, stated his reaction to the loss to Villanova. “I got more mad before the final buzzer even sounded. Frank Mason (KU basketball player) hit a 3 which made it a 2 point game I believe. With about 10 seconds left Villanova hit clutch free throws and KU was down by 3 or 4. While this was going on I’m getting texts from my uncle about this is “Villanova’s game” and in my head I was thinking ‘We are the best team in the country we can pull this out’ But…Frank Mason turned it over one last time and the old saying held true, the game was history.” Hickman went on to say that “I didn’t watch the final of the game because my roommate changed the channel, but let’s just say the furniture was in different places and the living room looked like a tornado flew across my room before you came.”

The teams face off this weekend on Saturday with Oklahoma facing Villanova and UNC facing Syracuse. The National Championship will be played on Monday.