Big Spring Student signs with Notre Dame


Angela Schneider

Gavin Pritchard signs his intent to Notre Dame for football. He will study business as well as play football.

Morris Hess, Reporter

Big Spring’s very own Gavin Pritchard has signed with Notre Dame of Ohio for a four year free ride. Pritchard will be playing tight end, and  during his time at the school, he will be studying business. Pritchard said, “I Thought it was crazy on how Iwas given a ride into my dream school.” Pritchard was very grateful for his accomplishments.

Pritchard said, “Family and friends were so proud to see me being signed into a school like Notre Dame.” At Big Spring, not many students have gotten a free ride; only a select few have gotten one, Pritchard being one special one in particular with receiving most valuable player in the season.

Pritchard’s best memory in high school football is beating Boiling Springs this past season. Pritchard said,”They ‘re very competitive with how they all work together. They’re a great team with combining their plays so you never know what’s coming next like Ship.”

With Shippensburg being the most difficult football team to play against other than Boiling Springs, Ship has been the most competitive towards Big Spring with the Little Brow jug (A.K.A. The LBJ).  Pritchard said, “Shippensburg has always been the school we really try to beat. When they show up we don’t play around. We try ten times harder than any other team we play against.”

Pritchard’s other recognitions this year include scoring over 1,000 points on the varsity basketball team, and most recently being named an All Star for the Colonial Division in Mid Penn’s.