New basketball court coming to high school

Starting on July 18, the gymnasium will be getting a fresh new look. On April 18, the school board of directors approved the $35,517.99 project to re-finish the basketball court, and it is getting re-finished to save the wood and repaint the floor. The basketball court will also be getting re-painted with a completely new design. Peyton Bechtold, a sophomore is all for the new court, “Love it, the floor we have now is dirty and dusty. We have one of the nicest gyms/courts in this area. With the new floor it will only make our gym nicer.” But not everyone is too happy about the the project. Joseph Yaukey, a sophomore and basketball player said this when asked about his opinion. “I think that the school could be spending money in a better way. I am a basketball player, but I feel that our court is just fine.” The project will begin on July 18, 2016 and is planned to be completed on August 15, 2016.