Bulldogs bully competition


This year’s Big Spring football squad is experiencing an exceptional year for the game. The Dawg squad soared into their season with big goals in mind, scoring well over 30 points in 4/9 games with a 6-3 record. After a long season of blood sweat and tears, the team expects to see an opening to districts if they win their biggest game of the season on Friday against the Shippensburg Greyhounds

The team plans to have a remarkable finish to their season by “tearing down” the Shippensburg defense at the upcoming L.B.J game Noah Keiter, kicker, explained. The only simple explanation for their success rate is hard work and dedication according to Brock Jumper, center. The Bulldogs have been preparing for this season since march of last school year. As a result, the team was both mentally and physically prepared for this year’s season. “Without Coach Hoffman pushing each and every one of us to our best ability, I don’t think we would have districts in our peep hole like we do now” said senior, Tom Miller, middle linebacker. With only one game left to determine the teams fate for districts, they are focusing heavily on their run game with running back, Ryan Adams. Adams is having an impeccable rushing season with 16 rushing touchdowns and 1267 rushing yards so far this season. “For the past several seasons the we focused on their running game as well, however, this is the first year in many that our run game is effective” explained junior Colton Hockensmith, wide receiver.

It has been an exciting season for the Dawg squad, with only one game left to show their worth and prove themselves. All they can do is practice hard and hope harder.