Hailey Fosburg, Holly Helm, Reporter

This is a throwback poem from the Gears/Charisma magazine from 2006. It fit well with the theme of this year’s magazine, which is about being yourself and being proud of yourself. Don’t forget to submit your own poetry, short stories, and art work for this year’s magazine! You can email Abbie Brennan @[email protected].


I wake up in the darkness of the midnight hours

the house is filled with strange sounds I can’t explain

Wind blows outside like he’s caught on fire

I hear crickets screaming their lonely cries

I want to leave this wretched cell

Break free and find myself

But in the distance I hear a voice

He tells me forget the freedom of yesterday

When the light appears, I see drones

Walking the lit streets of a city I used to know

What the hell is that? I say

And with a clever laugh he replied

“Why, it’s the dawn of the new day!”

  • Holly Helm