“Car Talk” by Abbie Brennan

Here is a poem by Gears member, Abbie Brennan


Seeing you cry is the worst thing in the world

I’d rather die myself than see you cry

These talks

Without them

How can I survive?


I remember you saying I was your only friend

You didn’t have any real friends

You soon after started crying

I wanted to hug you until the pain went away

The seat belt had other ideas


I listened to you explain how you felt

I’d usually watch the cars and trees passing by

All I did was look at you

I didn’t know this is how you felt

You always said our relationship was weird


Daughters are supposed to be screaming at their mother’s during this age

I’d always shrug it off when you’d say that

Now I realized, our relationship is special

Each conversation is special during drives

Whether it’s politics, girlfriend issues, school issues, work issues, dad issues, etc.


We’re always there for each other

We can talk about literally anything during any amount of time

Running to the grocery store right in town

Running to Walmart in Shippensburg

Anywhere, anytime, any topic


I love our car talks

I wouldn’t trade them for the world

I wouldn’t trade you for the world

I love you Mom


And no matter how many times

We could possibly trade a car in

Our talks will never change