Hailey Fosburg, Reporter

The following is a sneak peak into our Gears magazine, which is coming soon!

You by Abigail Brennan


We are so far away from each other

But yet we feel so close

Then again, the distance bothers me

So I did what I thought was best

I broke us apart

We can still be friends, right?

What in the hell was I thinking?

I fell for you

It hurts, everyday

Every time I hear your voice

Your laughter

Your squeal when we’re playing games

Those quick seconds of calling each other girlfriend


Those short answers

Make me feel like you hate me

You have every right

I broke us apart

Even after breaking you continue to help me

My wrists are clean because of a sweet text you sent

Your smile makes my dark thoughts go away

The cute pictures you send of yourself make the demons hide


I still want you

And I hate that I still want you