Athletic director takes on head coach position

John Ward, Reporter

Joseph Sincovich has taken over for the new head football coach position after Cory Hoffman resigned, and he is now excited for the new season and is changing the plans for the Big Spring football team. Sincovich is not only taking on the position of head coach with excitement, but is saying he is excited for his new football family. Sincovich said that he is going to prepare the team with “Workouts, 7v7’s, and some spring ball.’’ After Big Spring opened up the head coach position, Sincovich was found to be “the Best choice to build the program and future.” according to the athletic department which opened the position. The meeting “for prospective players” was held in the large group room during flex for the announcement of him becoming the new head coach, and the one giving the announcement was no other than Sincovich himself.

Coaching can be a tough job as former coach Hoffman resigned after missing out on an immense amount of family time, but Sincovich said, “I have been coaching for 16 years of my life and I have played football ever since I was 7 years old and enjoyed the relationships and memories in football.”  During the meeting, many players were wondering about formations and plays. Sincovich said, “With the type of players we have to work with, we will most likely run wing-t type of formations and run shotgun and on defense run a 4-4.” The new coach hopes that the football team will once again be a respectable, prospering football family.  Varsity football player Anthony Gaudioso said, “ I think the new head coach means business.” Seeing that the Bulldogs last year went 3-7, Gaudioso said, “I think the new coach and staff will rejuvenate our team and add a spark, but the formation of it will take the team a couple of weeks to get better at.”