“Lucifer” is a must see

Hannah Varner, reporter

Sitting at home during this quarantine is probably extremely boring. If you aren’t working like others during this time, you find yourself scrolling through Netflix, Youtube or maybe Instagram. I am just here to suggest a Netflix show that is totally going to make you want to binge watch. There’s a show currently on Netflix called “Lucifer” and it was actually recommended by a friend to watch. There are currently 44 episodes and 4 seasons of the show. Each episode runs about an hour long to 30 minutes. 

So let’s get to the point, what is this show about? Well the only way I can really describe it is without spoiling the whole show. The show stars two “main” characters, Lucifer and The Detective, also known as Chloe. Lucifer is actually The Devil, no like seriously…. The Devil. When he comes to Earth he is joined by his demon, Mazikeen. They together live in Lucifer’s nightclub, Lux. Lucifer meets Chloe and joins her with different police murder scenes and together they are a crime solving team, that is with Lucifers charm. Lucifer openly compares himself to The Devil many times but everybody laughs and doesn’t believe him. Throughout the show Lucifer meets people he doesn’t know, and people that are as close as family. That’s all I am going to say because I don’t want to spoil the show, but it is honestly an amazing show to watch and you’ll eventually get hooked on it. 

This is a great show if you’re into crime solving with a little bit of a plot twist, and each episode has a new murder to solve. The characters are amazing at their roles and the show also throws a little bit of adult humor in each episode with Lucifer’s personality. The show does have some PG-13 jokes and scenes, but everything is tied to each other and links the show together. If you’re interested in humor murder solving shows, defienty check out Lucifer!